Introducing the Catena Labs “Codename” Early Access Program

Jun 1, 2023

When a project at Catena Labs reaches the alpha phase, it enters our early access “Codename” program. Participants in a codename program will be among the first to experience new products and services at their earliest stages. Depending on the project, participants may also be eligible for exclusive project-specific perks and collectibles. Critically, participants will help shape and grow a project as it progresses toward independence.

Codename projects provide early glimpses into our ongoing exploration and development of who we are, what we own, and how we pay, play, and engage with each other on the internet. The word “Codename” represents a preliminary phase and highlights the capacity for dynamic evolution.

The Catena Labs project lifecycle begins with concept and ideation and matures through research and validation, minimum viable testing, alphas and betas, and eventual independent product release. Codename status designates the very beginning of the alpha phase. These projects have graduated from early validation and are functional, but they remain early in development.

Of course, not all projects progress though the complete cycle. We facilitate a dynamic culture focused on craft and constant learning, rapid prototyping, and resolute execution. In some cases, we may learn that a project requires an unexpected new direction, or should be combined with another project, or even ceased altogether rather than to continue progressing toward an independent product release.

While Codename projects have passed the ideation, research, and early validation stages, they remain far from final form. Features are missing or incomplete. Not even the names are final. Codename projects will undergo significant changes, reflecting the iterative and fluid nature of creative early-stage development.

If the idea of participating in the process even more directly appeals to you, consider joining our team. Here are current open roles. If you don’t see a role that seems a perfect fit, describe what you have in mind. We’re a small lean team focused not on titles but on craft and building great things.

View our current codename projects on the Catena Labs site and follow us to catch notifications of new projects as they’re announced. We look forward to seeing you in one of our projects and learning from your perspective and feedback.


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