DecentAI Unlocks Open Source AI and Model Mixes

Jun 26, 2024

Today marks the general availability of DecentAI, beginning with the U.S. and Canada app stores and rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

DecentAI provides:

  • Anonymized mobile access to hundreds of generative AI models: Explore models for text, image, audio, and vision.
  • Model Mixes and flexible model routing: Mix and match models, choose specific favorites, or let DecentAI select the best for you.
  • Privacy-first design: Chats are stored on your device, not on our servers.
  • AI internet access: Allow models to pull in the latest information through anonymized web search.

Discover the power of model mixes

With DecentAI, you can mix and match models to find the best ones for your needs. Let DecentAI choose the best models for you, select a popular mix, or pick your specific favorites. 

If one model is slow or unavailable, DecentAI seamlessly switches to another provider, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Soon, you’ll be able to run models locally on your device and connect your own private models.

Expand the AI experience

In addition to text models, DecentAI offers speech-to-text, voice chat, image generation, camera access and image uploads, and more with new modalities added regularly. Some models are better at certain tasks than others. Discover and customize your favorites. DecentAI focuses on open source options, but commercial models are also supported for extended choice.

Your data, your control

With DecentAI, your data is yours and yours alone. All chats are stored solely on your device, never on our servers. Any session data sent to model providers is fully anonymized and can't be used for training.

We can't lose your data because we don't keep it in the first place. And you have the power to delete your local chat history anytime for total peace of mind.

Who makes DecentAI?

DecentAI is an experiment created by Catena Labs. It is powered by Crosshatch, our model routing and choreography system. Drop by our Discord to say hello or request more info.

Looking forward to a Decent future

This is only the beginning for DecentAI. The roadmap includes exploring features such as:

  • Fine-grained personalization: Tweak every setting, model, and interaction
  • Bring Your Own Model: Run personal tuned models for full customization
  • Rich media creation: Expect richer video and audio options!
  • On-device models: Leverage models on your mobile device
  • Decentralized inference: Expanded support for services and protocols enabling decentralized GPU access
  • International and non-English mixes: Enjoy models and mixes tuned for more languages, cultures, locales
  • Specialized tuned models: Choreograph speciality models for specialized tasks
  • AI Payments: Enable AI agents to transact with each other and with humans
  • Enhanced rewards: more coming on points rewards!

Break free from AI silos

With DecentAI, we're building a future where everyone can access powerful AI while maintaining agency over their data and experience.

Experience DecentAI now on iOS or Android.


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