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DecentAI allows you to chat with AI models without compromising privacy, quality, and agency. It gives you access to the best generative models, including the top open source models available. You also enjoy the liberty to use our app or choose your favorite XMTP-compatible app or wallet.

Crosshatch, built by and for AI developers, provides a flexible, transparent toolkit for building, deploying, and monetizing AI. Our developer-first approach emphasizes robustness and quality, championing decentralization and interoperability to empower cross-ecosystem model usage. Coming soon.

Duffle is a Catena Labs experiment app that enables fast and encrypted personal and group chats with XMTP across chains, names and wallet addresses.

About Us

Catena is a product studio where we transform complex computing advancements into accessible, practical tools for users and developers. Leveraging AI and web3 technology, we turn innovative ideas into real-world applications that are easy to use.

Founded by Sean Neville, co-founder and former President of Circle, Catena carries forward a spirit of creative innovation and human agency.

We have three initial projects: Crosshatch, a suite of AI tools currently in closed beta, designed to address and resolve developers' challenges; DecentAI, a decentralized AI experiment that leverages Crosshatch; and Duffle, a free mobile app that enables seamless decentralized communication between AI and humans across any application.

At Catena, we envision a future where AI-driven on-chain transactions are the norm and interaction between humans and machines is safe, powerful, and commonplace. Central to this vision is our commitment to accessibility and usability, ensuring that these technological advancements are genuinely useful and manageable for everyone.

Join us at Catena as we continue our journey to make the future of computing 
inspiring and accessible.


Early supporters include these select partners along with extraordinary strategic angels


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Codename / DecentKit Simplifies Trusted Cross-Wallet Messaging
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