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DecentAI allows you to chat with AI models without compromising privacy, quality, and agency. Data is stored exclusively on device and it gives you access to the best multi-modal generative models, including the top open source models available.

Crosshatch, built by and for AI developers, provides a flexible, transparent toolkit for building, deploying, and monetizing AI. Our developer-first approach emphasizes robustness and quality, championing decentralization and interoperability to empower cross-ecosystem model usage. It is being used to power select early partners.


We work with select partners to develop, customize, and tune AI applications that differentiate their businesses, unlock efficiencies, and amaze their customers.

Pilots to Production
We enjoy developing our technology by working with unique customer use cases through dedicated pilot engagements. These can entail proof-of-concepts and short-term pilots as well as final enterprise-scale production deployments.

Bespoke Builds and Integrations
Custom engagements often entail workflow and data integrations in order to make generative AI work well with various rules, roles, services, and business data sources. Data extraction and service integrations typically require a custom touch in order to be safe, reliable, and effective with generative AI.

Tuning and Quality Improvement
Evaluating and tuning AI performance requires a blend of data science knowledge, engineering skill, and subject matter expertise. Improving the quality, accuracy, trustfulness, and efficiency of AI in complex workflows involves a process beyond simply building the software.

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About Us

Catena is a product studio transforming complex computing advancements into accessible, practical tools. We turn innovative ideas and tech into real-world applications that improve peoples' lives and businesses. We value craft, human agency, personal data ownership, and open protocols.

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